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Defeat the malefic associates of the penguin man and restore order in the city.


Help Batman train by maximizing his power in breaking bricks!


Ride Batman to reach the target and you need to face many obstacles at different levels. Collect coins to get points. Extra points will be added for e...


Batman Games

The rise of Batman can be traced back to 1939 when the concept and production of the comic came into place. Bob Kane and Bill finger brought the concept to life and as it were Batman took off and his fight for justice resonated with many individuals. As a character, Batman is loved for his resilience, stamina and endurance. He is the superhero with no special powers. He is the genius that uses his mind to aid those in need and bring the bad guys to justice.

The Batsuit is utilized to protect his identity and protect him from harm. It acts as a Kevlar and has the qualities of a Nomex. Batman has an array of gadgets and vehicles that he uses in his fight for justice. His ongoing adventures are the spark that ignites the wide array of Batman games. The fight against evil is the theme in most Batman games and it is the motto where Batman is concerned. Whether utilizing his utility belt, the batarang or the batgryo in his fights, Batman saves the day.

His specialized vehicles offer adequate transportation. The Batmobile is infact especially built to catch bad guys. The batplane, batboat and batcycle are all at his disposal. It is no wonder games like Batman truck exist to help the player have a sense of the uniqueness that is Batman. Batman the Dark Ride offers challenging situations and numerous obstacles the player has to maneuver through in order to accomplish his mission. It is a test of skills and reaction time.

Where there are bad guys, there Batman also resides. Batman games specialize in hunting down bad guys. The Cobble Bot Caper and the Umbrella Attack are captivating games that result in confrontation between Batman and those who want to cause trouble. Players have the opportunity to use the various gadgets in catching up to the villains thus helping Batman in averting crime and apprehending the villains.

Other games such as Revenge of Gorilla Grodd make the high speed chases of the Batmobile seem very real and captivating. And of course Batman has to stay in shape and he does this in Batman Power Strike. This involves breaking bricks and achieving the ultimate power. Batman games are a great way to keep your mind sharp, your attention focused and generally you have fun participating in active entertainment. Moreover, they are easily available and all you have to do is join in and play.